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DubBot Definitions

Accessibility Issue - Accessibility issues are elements of a website that make it difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to navigate and engage with it. We check 'code-verifiable' issues to help eliminate false positives in our results.

Best Practice Issue- Best Practice issues are not barriers but additional ways to facilitate the browser experience. These checks supplement WCAG accessibility guidelines but don’t have the same legal requirements behind them.

Connector - set up in DubBot to create a link to another piece of software. For example, a Content Management System, Google Analytics, or GitHub.

Custom Policy - a policy made specifically for or by a client. Custom Policies are editable by administrators in the Account Settings.

Deep Link - a link added to a detailed page view in the DubBot app that takes the user to the currently viewed page within their own Content Management System for editing. Must be configured with the DubBot staff.

Flagged Words - a collection of undesirable words most do not want on their site, such as profanity and slurs.

Ignored Issues - issues that are no longer reported in a site's dashboard.

Ignored Paths - parts of a URL the crawler is instructed to skip when doing an inventory. These are found in a site's settings.

Imported Policy - a check that DubBot maintains natively. These policies can easily be added to client accounts but are "read-only" and are not editable by clients.

Inventory or Page Inventory or Site Inventory – listing of pages and/or PDFs found when crawling a site.

Page Set - A page set either filters existing Sites to various URL specifications or combines sites either in whole or matching specific conditions the user can set. For our older clients, this was previously Groups.

Policy - a very granular check for content either in the code of a page or in the text shown on a page or both.

Policy Library - a collection of our clients' most frequently requested policies in an interface that allows for easy point-and-click integration with their accounts.

Policy Set - a grouping of like policies in the Policy Library

Report - a downloadable CSV or a customizable HTML document displaying data regarding selected issues or pages from a site or page set.

Site - the basic level of grouping content inventoried by our crawler from a client's website. A site can be based on a URL, a particular subdirectory of a URL, a sitemap, or a list of URLs.

Standard Checks - those checks enabled by default on a site.

Task - action items that help teams collaborate while making website improvements.

Techniques - different ways of accomplishing a success criterion in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

WCAG - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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