DubBot's Learning Center

DubBot now includes a Learning Center that provides video-based learning options.

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DubBot users can utilize our Learning Center to gain useful knowledge on how to use DubBot, common topics in digital accessibility, manual testing, and more!

Note: DubBot is using Thinkific, a 3rd party resource, to host videos and track learning progress.

While we're excited about launching a host of video and quiz options, our Help Center is still openly available and will continue to be a great resource where we add articles, release notes, and how-tos.

​The courses are available to any active users of DubBot, and new material will be added regularly.

Banner for Learning Center reads Welcome to DubBot learning center. The learning center is a resource made available to organizations who subscribe to DubBot's service.

Getting Started

Navigate to the DubBot Learning Center Homepage.

Select the course you wish to begin from the course list.

Select 'Enroll For Free'.

Dipping Into Accessibility Course homepage. Enroll for Free button is highlighted with red arrow.

New users will be prompted to create a free Thinkific account.

Form for creating a new account in Thinkific to use DubBot's Learning center as a new user. First name, Last Name, Email, Password, Sign Up button. Options to use SSO with Facebook, Google, or Linkedin below form.

​Navigating Course Materials

Courses and quizzes can be taken in any order. There are no prerequisites.

On the Learning Center Homepage, you will find all of the courses that are currently available listed underneath the Welcome Banner.

DubBot Learning Center home page, below welcome banner All Courses are listed in cards, including lesson count, and indicating that all are free of cost.

Each course contains multiple chapters. Each chapter consists of multiple lessons. A lesson is either a video or a corresponding quiz.

Once you are enrolled in a course, you can find it listed on your personalized Student Dashboard, which is linked at the top of the page.

Linked at the top of the homepage and student dashboard is a link to "My Dashboard"

The Learning Center will track your progress so that you can start and stop without losing your place.

A progress bar is shown on a course card within the My Courses page.

To come back to a lesson that was in progress, select the course from your student dashboard. You will automatically be brought to the lesson within that course that you were working on most recently.


To begin a lesson, you will first watch an informative video. Immediately following each video lesson is a quiz.

Video Lessons are embedded YouTube Videos created by DubBot.

Quizzes are designed to test your comprehension of the preceding video and consist of 2-4 questions that are either multiple choice or true/false answers.

Quiz question example reads Question 1 of 2. According to Success Criterion 1.4.3, the passing contrast ratio is the same for regular and large size text. Option A, True. Option B, False. Confirm button below answers block.

Some quiz questions have the option to select multiple correct answers.

Each quiz question will have an explanation to provide extra context and feedback that is provided once your answer is submitted.

A quiz question is shown answered correctly. Below, a gray box displays the text: This answer is correct, with a paragraph explaining the correct answer in more detail.

When you complete a quiz, you have the option to retake it.

Completion Certificates

Once you have completed all the video and quiz lessons in a course, you will be prompted to get a completion certificate.

Pop up window reads Congratulations! You completed Dipping into Accessibility! with a button that reads "Get You Certificate"

A new window will be opened where you may copy the link to or download your personalized completion certificate.

Certificate of Completion. This is to certify that Student Name has pursued studies and completed all the requirements for Dipping into Accessibility. DubBot Logo. Certificate information at the bottom of the document including name, certificate ID, date of issue, and course name. Buttons below to either copy the link to the certificate page or download.

If you have any questions regarding our Training Center, please reach out to DubBot Support at help@dubbot.com, or via the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Happy learning!

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