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What is Web Accessibility?
What is Web Accessibility?
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Web Accessibility is the practice of making the website easy to use for individuals with disabilities or impairments.

Those with the following impairments will benefit from Web Accessibility:

  • Visual impairment - includes blindness, near-sightedness, color blindness, etc.

  • Hearing impairment - including deaf users, those who are hard of hearing, etc.

  • Physical or mobility impairment - including those with muscle disorders, loss of limbs, etc.

  • Cognitive impairment - Learning disabilities, Developmental disabilities, Intellectual disabilities, certain neurological conditions, etc.

  • A combination of any of the above, and/or other impairments

Web Accessibility incorporates standards, tools, best practices, and technologies to allow these individuals access to the Web in meaningful ways.

These include:

  • Screen Reading tools for low vision

  • WCAG - International standards for Web Content Creators

  • Authoring Tools (tools used to create web pages: CMS, LMS, Blog software, and other software or content processing/conversion tools)

  • International and Developer communities and conferences to discuss and update standards

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