Several accessibility policy pre-built Policies (Custom Checks) have been added to the Policies (Custom Checks) library. For example, there is a Policy that looks for non-descriptive link text. (WCAG 2.0, Level A, 2.4.4 Link Purpose)

Many times, links will get created where the link text is the URL for the link. A screen reader user would hear “h-t-t-p-colon-slash-slash-webaim-dot-org-slash-projects-slash-screenreadersurvey9” instead of “Check the WebAIM Screen Reader Survey 9.” Having descriptive link text is especially helpful when a screen reader is configured to scan web pages for links only. This policy looks for “http” and / or “www” as part of the link text on a web page.

Another accessibility Policy compares the ALT text of an image to the image filename to ensure they are not the same.

To use one of the pre-built accessibility Policies in DubBot, go to the menu in the upper right corner of your dashboard and click “Settings.” From the Settings page, click “Policies” at the bottom left. On the Policies page, click “Create new Policy.”

Cross-section of the Manage Custom Checks page in the DubBot app with a red arrow pointing the the

Choose the Policy you want to set up from the Policies library page.

On the new policy page, enter the check name and any notes you would like to add. Under the “Category” section, choose “Accessibility.”

Under the “Rules” section, copy and paste the rule from the policy you chose from the Policy library into the “Rule” field. Choose the corresponding item from the “Search By” drop down box. Select “Flag pages that do not match this rule” and / or “Ignore Case” as you see fit. If you need to add an additional rule, click the “Add Rule” button and follow the same process.

Bottom section of the

Next, click the “Sites” button.

Bottom section of the

By default, Policies will be run on ALL sites. You can select the website(s) that you do not want to run the Policy by simply checking the box next to each website you want to exclude and clicking the “Trash Can” on the right side of the screen.

Cross-section of the list of websites available in this DubBot account where checkboxes have been selected for the website to not include when running a Custom Check. There is a red arrow pointing to the Trash Can icon on the right side of the page.

You can also choose websites to exclude by clicking “Select Sites.”

Cross-section of the list of websites available in this DubBot account with a red arrow pointing to the Select Sites button.

From the pop-up window, click the green arrow next to each site you wish to exclude from running the Policy.

Cross-section of the pop-up window that lists the websites available for this DubBot account where the sites to exclude have a gray plus sign and the sites to include have a green checkmark.

Once you have chosen the website(s) you wish to exclude, click the “Save” button.

To view the location of a Policy match on a page, click the puzzle piece icon in the left side menu. DubBot displays the Policy, the location in the page as well as the Element Location and Source code.

Custom Checks information found on a scanned page in DubBot with a red arrow pointing to Learn More which is the text being checked, red boxes around the Element Location and Element Source information, a red arrow pointing to the puzzle piece icon and a red arrow pointing to the actual infraction location within the webpage.

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