Tasks are action items that help your team coordinate while testing your site.

The Tasks panel aggregates the tasks created across all sites within the DubBot account. To access the Tasks panel is select Tasks from the top navigation.

Within the Tasks panel, only Open Tasks will initially display. Mostly notable for newer accounts: if no Tasks have been created, there will be no tasks to display.

To access the Task details for any of the listed tasks, select the Task's title that appears under the Title column.

The Tasks panel allows users to sort, filter, and search tasks quickly.

Users can filter tasks based on status (open or resolved), the site that the task originated in, assignee, creator, and issue type (accessibility, broken link, spelling, etc.).

Users can optionally search for a task by selecting the magnifying glass, next to the sorting options. Selecting the magnifying glass will bring up the Task Search field.

A CSV download of the returned task results is downloadable using the Download CSV button.

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