Why use Groups?

Groups allow administrators to restrict access to specific site reports for different users. They allow administrators to give users different permissions within various sites in the same account. Groups can also aggregate sites together so they can be reported in a single dashboard.

Who can set up Groups?

Only Admins can set up Groups.

To access Groups, select Settings from the top navigation. In the Settings panel, select Groups in the left navigation.

For a step-by-step guide for creating a group, refer to the Creating Groups article.

What are Groups?

Groups are collections of Sites and users. Admins can add one or more Sites and users to a Group. Admins can also customize the users' roles within the Group for that set of Sites.

Sites that are grouped together are automatically aggregated together into a dashboard report. The respective sites will maintain their own single-site dashboard reports.

Note: A user with Determined at Site Level role needs to be added to a group with a Site(s) before the user will have access to any Site within DubBot.

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