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Flag pages with <input> elements marked as type="checkbox"

Allows users to review pages with specific elements for additional quality

Updated over a week ago

This policy (check) can be used to create a list of pages that have an input element with type="checkbox." DubBot natively screens to verify that the field is properly labeled as recommended per WCAG. 

This flag can be used to further curate a list to manually review that the position of the label is close to the actual input field.  It is acceptable to not display the label when the purpose of the field is obvious to visitors based on the surrounding context. If the purpose of the field is not obvious, it is important to ensure that the label is positioned close to the field.

How to set it up:

  • Set rule to “Flag pages that contains" 

  • Set Search by to: XPath

  • Rule:


Note: this policy does not indicate that there is something necessarily wrong with the input field. This policy should just be used to create a list of pages for reviewing that the display of the input field and label provides an intuitive experience for users interacting with the form field.

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